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These types of hearing aid sit in the outer portion of the ear, making it easy to insert and remove. Its visibility depends on the chosen size and shape of the ear. The smallest in the ear aids are nearly invisible but may be too small to incorporate certain sound features. This model is a particularly good option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Recent advances in technology mean that even those these aids can be very small (nearly invisible in some cases) they can still have full functionality.
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in ear hearing aid


on ear hearing aid


These are designed to fit on or behind your ear and can be much smaller than traditional behind the ear aids. The typical design uses a small tube or wire to transfer sound to the ear canal, which makes them less noticeable than other types of hearing aids. They are generally considered the most comfortable of all hearing aids and as the actual aid sits outside your ear canal it is less likely to suffer wax ingression.
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Hearing Aid Functions

Besides knowing the cost of hearing aids,(link here to Prices and Grant) it's also important to know what features to look for in hearing aids. The best hearing aids reduce feedback and irrelevant background noise, enhance speech and use innovative technology. A hearing aid with these features will help ensure you have an optimal listening experience:

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

For those without hearing loss, the brain automatically filters out background noise. People with hearing loss, however, have more difficulty homing in on specific sounds, such as the voice of someone speaking to them in a crowded room. Hearing aids help by amplifying sound, but they don’t distinguish between important sounds you need to hear and distracting background noise.

Proper fitting

Feedback in hearing aids can happen when sounds leak back to a hearing aid’s microphone. The better your ear mold fits, the less likely it is to produce feedback, since feedback can happen when sound waves move through the ear canal around the hearing aid. Growing children or adults who have recently lost weight may find that their hearing aid mold needs to be resized to avoid feedback.

Directional Microphone

A directional microphone reduces noise that comes in from the sides and back and amplifies the sound from the front. Many high-tech hearing aids can adapt the direction of the microphone automatically by mapping and responding to the sounds in a person’s environment.

Phone compatibility

Electronic interference from telephone conversations can cause problems with hearing aids, and many hearing aid users avoid talking on the phone for this reason. Some hearing aids have a special technology called a telecoil that can reduce feedback and increase sound clarity while wearers are talking on the phone. The telecoil transmits sound information from the telephone by a magnetic signal rather than an acoustic signal, which prevents feedback.

multiple channels

In order to reduce unavoidable ambient noise, such as the whirring of fans or humming of machines, many hearing aids are equipped with multiple channels. Channels that pick up ambient sound are reduced, while other channels that amplify speech or voice sounds are prioritized.

wind noise manager

Wind blowing across a hearing aid produces a loud and distracting sound, just like blowing directly into a microphone. Many hearing aids are equipped with electronic features that can reduce extra sound created by blowing wind.

feedback reduction

While the fit or shape of a hearing aid can help control feedback, there is now technology that can help reduce feedback as well. This feedback suppression technology requires a calibration test, after which it is able to detect and reduce feedback.

mobile apps

Some hearing aid companies have developed mobile apps that allow users to program the sound level on their hearing aids from their mobile device. You can also stream music to your hearing aids through the app, receive mobile notifications when you need to replace your batteries and more.


We stock all the latest in technology and innovation from the World’s leading hearing aid manufacturers ensuring the very best is available for you.
As part of an Independent group of Audiologists we have access to the most revered Audiology companies, while not being owned by or tied to a particular manufacturer – that gives choice back to the consumer.
We only use recognised and trusted Hearing Aid Brands including Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, Bernafon, Signia, Widex and more.
You can be assured at Wexford Hearing that you will get the best hearing aid solution available for your needs and budget.
Which is the BEST Hearing aid and Brand for me?

We have years of experience to help you choose the hearing aid model and type that is best suited for your needs and ensure that you receive the best quality hearing care.
Although it is difficult to claim that one particular hearing aid brand is “the best” it is fair to say that the hearing care companies that have invested the most in technological research, design and innovation are considered class leading.
The biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world spend the most on research and development to ensure that they can provide the very best technology to maximize suppression of background noise and elaborate programming algorithms to help make speech clearer.

Some high street retailers use ‘white branded’ hearing aids supplied by an unknown manufacturer. The claimed benefit is that they are cheaper but in our experience most people want to know what they are buying so that they can make an informed decision.
Our branded hearing aids can cost as little as €999 per pair (with grant) all the way up to the best technology money can buy. Either way, we can often save you thousands. Testimonial on price

Obviously not all hearing aids are the same and some have recognised advantages over others. Whereas some hearing aids are basic amplifiers which will increase all noise in the environment, more advanced technology means that some hearing aids can automatically adapt to your listening environment helping you to hear speech more clearly in challenging environments.
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In what situations do you experience most difficulty with your hearing?

How is your dexterity? Could you manage a small hearing aid with small batteries?

What degree and type of Hearing loss do you have? (certain aids will simply not be powerful enough for you to reap a benefit)

Do you need or want the ability to charge your haring aids at night so that you don’t have to fiddle with batteries?

Do you attend church or theatre which may have telecoil system installed to help you to hear better with a compatible aid?

Its best to speak with an experienced Independent Audiologist about your own individual needs to find the solution that is right for you.

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What our customers say...

"I was very impressed by the care and attention that Alfie gave to the testing and he could pinpoint exactly which part of my hearing was damaged. He told me what I needed and it was my decision without any pressure if I went ahead or not which I am glad that I did! I think the aftercare service was very impressive and I can now join in with group conversations!"
Michael Walsh
New Ross, Co. Wexford
hearing aid reviews
"I can highly recommend Alfie. He really took the time and care to test my hearing and get the hearing aid right for me. It was great to trial it for a few weeks and I felt under no pressure to buy at the end. The hearing aid has made a huge difference to my quality of life – it means I can enjoy social interactions again more! Although it took a while to get to used to the hearing aid, I really wouldn’t be without it now! The aftercare has been great too - It’s reassuring to know I can always ask Alfie for help if I ever have a problem with it. Thank you!!"
A Kehoe
New Ross, Co Wexford
hearing aid reviews
"Having tried the products and services of two other hearing aid companies over the years without success, I am now an extremely satisfied customer. From the initial assessment to fitting and regular follow ups I find this company very professional and considerate which I am very happy to continue with and recommend strongly."
Liam Lambert
Ennisorthy, Co Wexford
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All the major brands offer the functions listed below but some may have greater experience and success in adding them into their own aids.

Background noise reduction

Making challenging social gatherings easier to hear in by utilizing the latest signal to noise ration technology

Rechargeable batteries

No more changing fiddly batteries. Just pop them into the specially designed charger each night and they will be fully charged and ready to go for the day ahead. Some models even have a rechargeable case which can be great for travelling or when you are on the move!

Bluetooth connection

Certain model hearing aids can connect directly to mobile phones and Television via Bluetooth so that you can enjoy hands free calls. These can be controlled either with a switch on the hearing aid or through an easy to use app.

Wireless connectivity

Modern advances in technology mean that a hearing aid user can connect to a range of wireless accessories such as remote controls, TV streamer and wireless microphones to further improve hearing.


As Independent Audiologists we can access the best hearing aids on the Irish market to provide choice and put your needs first.

How we can help

Due to being part of a network of Independent audiologists throughout Ireland we can offer average savings of over €1000 compared to some high street retailers. We will work with you to make improved hearing attainable on any budget see sample Pricelist We can do this by:
  • Offering a price promise on Hearing aids with some models being more than €1000 cheaper than can be found elsewhere.
  • Offering a pair of branded fully digital hearing aids at €999 per pair (with grant).
  • An interest free payment plan spread over a time period that suits you.
  • Accepting Grants of up to €1000 towards the cost of your hearing aids.
  • Medical Tax relief of 20% may also be available for eligible person.
We offer affordable hearing aid Financing options for customers which is completely interest free. By spreading the payments over 12 months or more you can get the hearing devices you need to reconnect with the people and activities you love.

Best Prices & outstanding care

female hearing aid reviews
"After much expense and failures I heard of Alfie through a friend. I found him to be honest, sincere and efficient. Thank you"
Joan O'Connor
Ballsbridge, Co Dublin
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