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What to Expect At A Hearing Test

At Wexford Hearing our mission is to help improve your hearing with the latest technology and the exceptional Aftercare at an affordable price

Hearing loss and the fitting of Hearing aids is a journey. We pride ourselves on our ability to engage, support and take that journey with you to a successful outcome.

Your Hearing Test With Us

All Hearing tests are free and without obligation, you will never feel any pressure to make a purchase. If you decide that you would like to trial hearing aids at no cost to you, we can arrange that. This free Trial will help you and us determine if Hearing aids will be a solution for you.

Unlike many hearing aid providers in Ireland we are not owned in whole or part by a Hearing aid company so we can put YOU first in any recommendations.
It is advisable to bring a family member with you to the test as they can call out the familiar words if a word test is carried out and they may have questions of their own – very often hearing loss doesn’t just effect the person with a loss – it also affects the people you live with.

The process includes:

  • A Full free Hearing Test including Otoscopy, Pure Tone Testing, a speech Test and explanation of your results in clear language.
  • If you have Hearing loss that we believe will benefit from amplification with digital Hearing aids we will advise you on the different brands and styles
  • A trial period to assess for yourself the real-world benefit
  • If at the end of the trial period, you decide that you would like to purchase your own hearing aids we will arrange that for you and make sure it is a very competitive price
  • All the help and assistance you require to get used to your new hearing aids.
  • Regular checkups to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your aids including cleaning
  • We offer a standard 3 or extended 4- or 5-year manufacturer’s warranty with your aids


We are dedicated to ensuring that hearing aids improve your Hearing and Quality of Life


You may have heard the saying that you don’t hear with your ears…you hear with your Brain! Well actually, we hear with both. Our ears receive incoming soundwaves and transform them into signals that the brain can interpret. The result allows us to hear our families and friends’ voices, music, birdsong and all the sounds that the world has to offer us.

If we understand how our ears work, and what enables us to hear the sounds around us, we are better informed to understand and deal with any hearing problems that may arise.
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1 in 12
Irish people suffer from hearing loss
Hearing loss is age related
Improvement in quality of life


Unlike sight problems, many people with hearing problems are reluctant to seek assistance.

That can be for several reasons including:

  • A lack of belief that they have a problem – after all they can hear you when you are standing in front of them speaking loudly!
  • Reluctance to accept that they may have a problem as they believe hearing loss only happens to ‘old people’
  • A lack of understanding of how hearing loss can be helped – particularly if it is treated in time
  • A fear that they will be ‘sold’ a pair of hearing aids from a high street chain that won’t help them
  • They don’t realise that today’s modern miniature aids are a world away from what they may have traditionally associated with a “hearing aid”
  • A lack of awareness of services such as Wexford Hearings’ to give them a pair of working hearing aids on a completely free of charge Trial

Treating hearing loss is important and the effects of untreated Hearing loss have been well documented and include links to Dementia and social and psychological effects including:

  • The person withdraws from his or her surroundings
  • Conversations become shorter, less frequent and less personal
  • The person avoids social gatherings and noisy surroundings
  • Lack of concentration
  • Anxiety and suspiciousness
  • Sadness or depression


There also real dangers associated with not being able to hear the doorbell, footsteps in the house, a fire alarm or even the direction where traffic is coming from when crossing the road.

As hearing loss generally develops over a long period of time the person may not notice their hearing decrease to the degree that you do.
The help and encouragement of family and friends can be instrumental in helping someone with a haring difficulty to take the first step in getting their hearing back. In fact, we often encourage family or friends to attend with the client for their hearing assessment so that they can see what is involved and how simple the process needs to be.
It can be frustrating when you have to repeat yourself, shout, or have the TV at high volume so that they can hear it. You may also be concerned to see someone you care about becoming isolated and missing out on many aspects of life.

People don't like to admit that they are getting older - often because they don't feel old. They may be 'in denial' about their hearing problem or they know they have a problem but they are putting off doing anything about it. And they may not realise how different today's digital hearing aids are from the devices their parents and grandparents used to wear.

The help and encouragement of friends and family can be invaluable in helping someone with a hearing loss to come to terms with and overcome it so that they can lead a fulfilling life.
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